Coastal Tanzania, a New Home to the Living Coelacanth: An Oceanographic Analysis

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Coelacanth is no longer a new fish in Tanzania. After it was first discovered in September 2003 off Kilwa Masoko in southern Tanzania and with awareness campaigns, fishermen have reported further landings since, mostly in Tanga, northern Tanzania at Kigombe village. Analysis of habitat conditions suitable for the coelacanth indicates that the oceanography may just be right for the fish to have a permanent residence as opposed to the theory of drifters from a natural home elsewhere. At one time three specimens were captured together in the same net indicating that they formed a group. Oceanographic studies of the habitat in Tanga suggest that there could well be a resident population supported by existence of sharp slopes and steps. Caves in which the fish hides might be present at about 150 m depth where suitable temperatures of about 21°C are found.
Nyandwi, N., 2006. Coastal Tanzania, a new home to the living coelacanth: an oceanographic analysis. Tanzania Journal of Science, 32(2), pp.33-37.